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DAOhaus Newsletter, June 25th, spokespeople of FederatedDAOs & GoodHart's Forrest 🌳 come together in Felipe's lovely Garden 🌻, a breadth of exciting releases coming out the HAUS 🤫, Just DAO It™️.

At DAOhaus we have been nose to the grindstone building for the future of DAOs and their complex socio-economic networks. So this week we’re digging into the latest developments in the HAUS and what it takes to get involved. As usual, here’s your reminder to sign up to get this in your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any juicy details.

We ❤️ communities and are here to support budding ones. Have you started or considered starting a DAO? Looking to announce your presence or seeking members?
We added a new channel in our Discord - shill it in #🤗show-and-dao.

🌶 $CHILI is Alive & Hot 🔥

If you haven’t already yo, it’s go time, claim some untamed 🌶 $CHILI🌶 from the MetaCartelDAO HQ, follow this tweet 👈, and make sure you roast your $CHILIs to get them sweet & spicy 🤌.

Seriously, congrats to the entire MetaCartel crew for executing this alongside Collab.Land, I challenge all of you to out Roast your $CHILIs against mine 🌶.

Get some questions in, before we all dip out to hit the $CHILI 🌶 Festival 👇

🔥 MolochV3 Gitcoin Grant 👀

MolochV3 is in the early stages of development, and the goals of this iteration have been laid out clearly in the Gitcoin Grant below by the Moloch Mystics.

If you contribute to the grant, this is how your funds will be spent:

  • Research and Design (see the list on the grants page)

  • Contract Development (Including testing)

  • Contract Audit(s)

  • Subgraph Development

Do you appreciate what friends of MetaCartel and MolochDAO have built for the community, consider contributing to this Gitcoin Grant dedicated to building out MolochV3, and grab this link for an introduction to Baal's features.

Releases on the Clock ⏰

Keep your eyes peeled as usual, because behind the scenes there is a lot going on in das HAUS!

Even some things that deserve much more but only get a mention 👇

Boost Marketplace is expecting to deliver some ✨ shiny new addons for your Moloch DAOs here soon.

Be vigilant for the following Boosts 🚀:

  • Rariable’s NFT Gallery

  • Token Summoner Boos

  • (ideas stirring 😉)

The Rariable Boost will be a boon for members of the DAOhaus community who are NFT collectors, artists, designers, or enthusiasts.

This Boost will enable DAOs to engage in shared ownership over their NFTs, and it will allow DAOs to visualize that ownership through the DAOhaus UI.

Community governed NFT collections for collector/creator communities is likely one of the most powerful tools that has been created in the NFT space to date. Think Artist collectives who want to set the parameters together for minting NFTs in their DAO, this will be possible with the Rariable Boost, coming soon ⌛️.

The Token Summoner Boost will be one of the niftiest tools in the DAOhaus toolkit, enabling DAOs to do their own token launch using the DAOhaus CCO (Community Contribution Opportunity) framework.

Stay tuned for further updates on Boosts from our twitter

Summer of DAOs… Haus Party Gettin’ Hotter 🔥

HausParty - Season 2, Episode 8

Last week, we had our friend Niran Babalola from Panvala join us to talk about Federated DAOs, DAO2DAO governance, and the power that DAOs give to communities of various types.

Check out the discussion here👇

For those who do not know, Panvala is a Federated DAO with 57 communities on it’s platform. It offers grants matching for organizations in its network, you can check out their site here.

👉 Haus Party Notes

🌳 GoodHart’s Forrest with Spencer

Our fellow DAO collaborator from the Metaverse 🌌, Spencer came out to spread some knowledge for why we need to be careful about encapsulating or attempting to value something using one unit of measure, as opposed to many.

The dangers of GoodHart’s Forrest that we as humans fall prey to are avoidable.

And if we can construct robust incentivization mechanisms and tools of value measurement with sybil resistance built in, such that the networks value that we are trying to track doesn’t fail due to misalignment of agents and the protocol, we will be able to overcome some the greatest challenges presented to us in the DAO space.

This will be tightrope walk of the DAO in this decade.

👉 Haus Party Notes

Come to next weeks Haus Party 🎉 and claim a special POAP

Latest on UberHaus 🏰

UberHaus has been steadily moving the needle, and we have just completed our first full run through of Delegates meetings in the HAUS.

There is a lot brewing in UberHaus, If you would like to get involved please check out the docs, drop into the DAOhaus discord, and get caught up on everything that is happening by visiting the forum.

Our next meeting for Delegates is our Ops Meeting, Tuesday @ 12pm EDT

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