🛠 DAO Legos for our HAUS

DAOhaus Newsletter, May 15th, Kicking off the summer of Composable DAOs!

What's up party people? 🙌

Another eventful week at DAOhaus with two special HausParty guests, nitrous oxide like boosts for your DAO, and some awesome new projects to be excited about joining in the autonomous journey of UberHaus, the DAOofDAOs! Click that button 👀

Here are some quick HAUS shots - fired here, pew pew!

🎉 Community updates

We ❤️ communities and are here to support budding ones. Have you started or considered starting a DAO? Looking to announce your presence or seeking members?
We added a new channel in our Discord - shill it in #🤗show-and-dao

🚀 Buckle up for Boosts

Superfluid Minion has shipped! 💪💦

Superfluid is a payments tool that you can add to your DAO to stream payments to members.

After setting it up, Superfluid will enable payments to consistently flow to members as they complete tasks within your DAO or to other DAOs. ⚡️

Check out a 🔥 demo 👇

And in case you missed Pat from his HausParty, better catch this stellar conversation about the future of passive income, money circles, and ROSCAs 💸 -

Big Boost Sprint focused on spec’ing out the Boost marketplace 🚀

If you're a dev interested in helping build boosts for DAOs, the Boost Foundry is starting to coalesce around this mission. Hop into our open dev call to learn more 🙇‍♂️ (every other Wednesday - just pop in and ask)

🏰 More HausParties

HausParty - Season 2, Episode 3 Auryn

We had the illustrious Auryn on this week, catch up here Youtube

Loving our beautiful POAP designs, props to host Felipe 🔥

(if you didn’t get one, come for next weeks and we’ll have it sorted!)

And kudos to our technical whiz behind the scenes, Vanilla with the in-call BG 🔮 

🥚 Griff Green Hatching it Up

Griff swung through the Haus and blew some minds 🤯 .

He took us through the TEC Config Hatch Dashboard, where anyone can go and parameterize the deployment of their own DAO.

Griff bringing off the hook 🪝 developments to the HAUS - thanks Griff 🤗.

Check this HausParty out, no cap 👇

Learn more about TEC Hatch - What’s in a Hatch?

🐣 New DAOs

Peerion is using DAOs to act as staking pools with their own governance to manage liquidity and run nodes/validators for different projects.

Check out their website!

StarAtlas 🌠

🏰 UberHaus

Mark your calendars (or give sesh a shot) for our 2nd meeting coming up: Wednesday, May 19th at 12 pm EDT.

The Delegates meeting will be held on the Third Wednesday of each month at 11 am EDT going forward until delegates are able to coordinate on a better time. We'll begin putting together an agenda and will have something for you all to add-to/check out by early next week at the latest.

UberPaladins making moves, self-organizing - join up to learn more! 🥷

🥃 From our DAOstillery

We’re brewing up something with DAOsquare to use DAOhaus to run a web3 incubator

🧹 Closing Words

If you didn’t hear, we transferred ownership of HAUS to UberHaus. Riding the trend that MKR kicked off, who’s next for this Summer of DAOs?

Haus Out ✌️ 🏰

Throw us a sub if you haven’t already, or hold your peace 👇

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