🏰 Haus Party 🎉 Nov. 6 , 2020

Discord, and Magic Internet Communities

Hey, sorry this is late. I suspect you understand. What a week. Anyway, let’s get back to building magical internet communities, yeah?

(I’m leaving the date, because that’s the week this goes with, we’ll be back on schedule this week.)

~ kerp

🚨 Before we move forward. This is important! (Again! Still!) 👇

Interested in DAOs? Have you summoned a DAO? 🤔


HausDAO is conducting user interviews so we can build the best platform for DAO-powered communities. Grab a slot for a quick user interview and tell us about your experience! 😎

🎉 Party All the Time

We were joined at the Haus Party this week by Ramsay Brown, who runs Quol.ai a company focused on research and consulting around responsible development and deployment of advanced technology like AI and behavioral modification software. We talk about where DAOs fit in, and some of the things we’re working on in DAOhaus to make things like DAO carbon footprint trackable, so DAOs can pay attention.

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🏰 Haus Werk

Next, here’s what HausDAO has been working on:

  • ⚡️ 🛠 From the Magesmiths (Product) - Digging in on the meat of the v2 UI. 🍗 (Check out Haus Party live for some teasers.)

  • 🔮 🗡 From the Paladins (Ops) - It’s the beginning of the month. Which usually means subDAO proposals. Get them in if you haven’t already!

  • 🍖 🗡 From the Alchemists (Tokenomics) - Still working on that inter-DAO incentivisation conundrum. Do we need a United Nations but for DAOs?

  • 🔥🗡 From the Rangers (Comms/Community) - Heads down doing some planning this week. Will have more to share soon. Subscribe, you don’t want to miss it.

(If you want to know more about any of these, ping us on TwitterDiscord or stick around here for guides and things once we’ve got em.)

✍️ Discord and Magic

This week we’ve caught this post about Discord. For anyone who hasn’t caught on, we use Discord heavily, and Kerp from HausDAO has some thoughts on why Discord is the future of the internet, and DAOs are the future past that. Dig it.

Okay, that’s it! Another week in the Haus, and what a week it was! If you’re not signed up to get this in your inbox, so sign up, its how we know you’re listening.

Haus Out ✌️

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