🏰 Haus Party 🎉 Oct. 30 , 2020

🌲 🌲 A home among the trees? 🌲🌲

Welcome to the 🏰 Haus Party 🎉! Your weekly update from DAOhaus.

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🚨 Before we move forward. This is important! (Again! Still!) 👇

Interested in DAOs? Have you summoned a DAO? 🤔

HausDAO is conducting user interviews so we can build the best platform for DAO-powered communities. Grab a slot for a quick user interview and tell us about your experience! 😎

🎉 Party all the time:

This week we didn’t have a guest for the Haus Party Live, but we test out some new stuff on the stream and break everything in the process. Don’t worry, the Haus is fine, and streaming hardware upgrades and underway.

Instead of a guest the HausDAO crew hung out, talked about the history of DAOs, and everything there is to say after that, the “The DAO” up through to DAOhaus and what we’re building. It was a good one. Check it out below, subscribe on YouTube for the next stream, and jump into Discord to join the party.

🏰 Haus Werk:

Next, here’s what HausDAO has been working on:

  • ⚡️ 🛠 From the Magesmiths - Digging in on the meat of the v2 UI. 🍗 (Check out Haus Party live for some teasers.)

  • 🔮 🗡 From the Paladins - It’s the end of the month. HausDAO, get your proposals in to get paiiidd 💰

  • 🍖 🗡 From the Alchemists - What does it look like to have a DAO made up of DAOs? Does stuff get weird? 🤔

  • 🔥🗡 From the Rangers - What does everyone think about an apprentice program? Does anyone want to work their way into HausDAO while learning decentralized community best practices?

(If you want to know more about any of these, ping us on TwitterDiscord or stick around here for guides and things once we’ve got em.)

✍️ A Home in Goodhart’s Forest:

This week we’ve got Growing Out of The Garden. Part 3 in the “Goodhart’s Forest” series by HausDAO Magesmith, Spencer Graham. Here’s a snippet:

The very attributes that make Goodhart’s Forest scary are what make it attractive. Once a DAO has sufficiently honed its purpose and operations, the power of token incentives and freedom of the permissionless Ethereum environment turn from risks to opportunities…

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Or start from the tweet storm:

That’s it’s party people! Another week on the scrolls. Thanks for reading. If you don’t get this in your inbox, fix that here:

🏰 ✌️ - HausDAO

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