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DAOhaus Newsletter, May 28th, MetaFactory 🤖 & BanklessDAO meet HausParty 🎊, latest 🔥 developments in the HAUS 🏰 , and a look at what is going on underneath the hood 🤐

DAOhaus is alive and well but like any well maintained Haus plant, it needs the proper attention from caretakers to make sure things stay hunky-dory. So this week we’re digging into the latest goings on in the HAUS and what it takes to get involved. As usual, here’s your reminder to sign up to get this in your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any juicy details.

🤖 MetaFactory Breaching ATHs with HAUSpitality

Just a week ago, HausParty 🥳 was swarmed by the creators, designers, and builders of MetaFactory.

Beyond our regular turn out of patrons, we discovered a subtle but pleasant caravan of new Party People coming out of the wood work and joining up in the party🎈.

Thanks MetaFactory for maxing out the HausParty, you guys continue to push the envelope and for that, we owe you our deepest gratitude.

This 👉 HausParty is less a shill on MetaFactory than it is a discussion with the core members and contributors to a community of philosophers, pioneers, and architects of our web3 dreams.

If community is important to you and NFTs, Curation, and Social Capital hold a special place in your heart ❤️, then this is the perfect episode for you to tune into 🎧

Check out the Writeup for a rundown, prepared by our fellow friend from the Raid Guild @johnathan_p, thank you for the awesome analysis!

🎉 BanklessDAO’s Ferocious Frogmonkee Appears

The longest HausParty yet and we’re still in the holocene 🤯. An auspicious and rare specimen, @Frogmonkee took the floor of the Haus this week, where the end result was a provocative and engaging discussion with the Party people of the Haus.

We ran through the latest in DAOhaus developments, BanklessDAO happenings, and covered all things DAO governance, treasury management, and inter-DAO collaboration.

Thank you @Frogmonkee for your participation and sharing with us your glorious and evolved interspecific complexity

Here is another fabulous Breakdown of the BanklessDAO Haus Party.

🤌 UberHaus Pressing Toward DAOification

Masonries are working on the silver coated brick which they’ll be laying as the foundation for UberHaus. As that foundation firms, UberHaus is looking to bring more active DAOs and people to participate in building out the first DAO of DAOs 🏰.

Here is how you can contribute 👇

  1. Read them Docs & check the Forum

  2. Vote 🗳

If you’re not an UberHaus member and would like to be, check this ‘become a member’ out.

If your DAO has what it takes, but does not have the HAUS to join, it can also join UberHaus through a grants process which can be found here.

The latest UberHaus delegates meeting, which took place 19/05/21, went quite well. The DAO was able to come to a soft consensus around two proposals that are currently being voted on.

Here are the latest proposals currently being voted on 👇

We encourage everyone who is interested in participating to start, jump into the docs to find the kintama 👀

We ❤️ communities and are here to support budding ones. Have you started or considered starting a DAO? Come shill it in #🤗show-and-dao or peruse the DAOhaus discord to catch a feel for how we are collaborating to build the future of DAOs.

Haus Out ✌️ 🏰

Throw us a sub if you haven’t already, or hold your peace 👇

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