🛠 Scaling the HAUS One 🧱Brick at a Time

DAOhaus Newsletter, August 2nd, Alex Napheys from OceanDAO & Story time with an elder magesmith 🧙🏻‍♂️, Service DAO Marketplace 🏪,PoolHAUS LP DAO 🏯, with much more we're excited to share 🎉.

Prepare to feast your eyes as we introduce a series of feature releases cooking up in the Haus🍳

We’ve been steady building, working to expand the suite of tools available to organizations on DAOhaus. Driving the effort is our collective desire for achieving composability, creating sustainable DAO2DAO engagements.

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DAOhaus having more rings than the olympics logo has nothing to do with our athleticism or skills as an organization, but rather expresses the diversity of contributor types coming from different circles, we welcome you in all your colors. ✨

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An 🌊 Oceanic Deep Dive & 🔥Fire Story Time

HausParty - Season 2, Episode 12

OceanDAO’s Community Growth lead, Alex Naphey’s joined in Felipe’s garden for yet another thrilling conversation about the journey of an organization to full decentralization.

Ocean protocol is looking at data as an asset class, creating tools for a web3 data economy. Ocean Market offers a marketplace to find, publish, and trade data in the Ocean Network. Learn more about Ocean Data Marketplaces.

OceanDAO is a grants organization that allows $OCEAN holders to vote on projects they want funding allocated to.

👉 Haus Party Notes

🇫🇷 EthCC Cooling Off in Felipe’s Garden

💥 Haus Party EthCC Edition: Origin Stories

On July 22nd, Haus Party commenced in its ordinary fashion, but without some folks due to a kick ass event taking place @EthCC. Our friends Felipe and Ven who were DAOing it™️ IRL in PARIS, we ❤️ you, but you missed a heck of a Haus Party 🎉.

We were spoiled with the charismatic, humble, a special host and early contributor to DAOhaus, Dekan.eth.

Dekan took guests through the origin stories and key relationships that gave rise to DAOhaus, sharing some of the brightest moments and perspectives from his view as a builder in the web3 community and DAO ecosystem.

Party people and guests of the Haus shared their stories too about how they got into DAOs and later found their way to DAOhaus. Props to all of those who stayed and shared after realizing our tranquil Felipe would not be hosting.

👉 Haus Party Notes

HausParty - Season 2, Episode 14

This year’s EthCC, the side quests, the thoughtful community driven events such as the DAOist, were formidable; teams convened from across the globe for the first in person Ethereum event since EthCC[3], in March of 2020.

For a debrief of the events and takeaways at EthCC[4], check out 👉 Haus Party Notes where you can also find the livestream.

Keep an eye out in the weeks ahead for press relating to the event, until then check out the Event website and youtube.

🏪 Service DAO Marketplace Underway

We’re accepting applications for DAOs who want to join and provide their Services on the Haus Marketplace.

Haus Marketplace seeks to facilitate smooth relations across DAOs utilizing the DAOhaus platform. Leveraging a Services Explorer, we can make gaining visibility into the Services that organizations offer easier.

DAOs will be able to contact other DAOs directly through the DAOhaus interface, making navigation easier for everyone involved in DAOing it. 🤝

🚨 Nifty Minion Vaults are Live

DAOs can now own, manage, and display NFTs, like a digital art gallery! 🖼

Below you can see InkyDAO, a DAO that was created for Beta testing the New NiftyMinion Vault.

So this InkyDAO is on xdai only, and it has a special boost to buy nifty inks. We are buying up inks of houses and castles that are DAOhaus inspired. So if you do not want to be in the DAO you could also draw one of these things and we will buy it!

If you’re interested in testing the new NiftyMinion in action, join our discord and emoji the 🛠 Contributor tag in #haus-roles, then see this message in #open-chat.

You can add the NiftyMinion Vault to your DAO by clicking the apps icon and navigating to the bottom of the Boosts page.


We are excited to announce a critical experiment taking place inside of the DAOhaus ecosystem, where over the next 3-months members of PoolHAUS will be able to earn a proportional share of ~2500 HAUS after tributing and locking WETH or DXS LP tokens into the DAO (tributed WETH will earn 33% higher rewards).

👉 Read this post for details

To get voting shares in PoolHAUS, you must attend either the:

  • Open Haus 🏡,, Wednesday Aug 4th at 11am PST,


  • Contribution Party 🚀🎉 , Monday Aug 9th at 12pm PST

🔍 Tasty Morsels to Share

The DAOhaus platform is ripe for growing its contributor base, if you’re interested in contributing to the project in any capacity, please drop into the discord, share a bit about yourself and tell us what you’re looking to do in the Haus.

If you’re looking for examples on how you can contribute value in DAOhaus, follow some of the conversations happening in #open-chat, and specifically look for messages from @jeremy the newest addition to the Rangers Circle in DAOhaus.

Jeremy has been crushing it, knocking out a ton of tasks outlined in the discord. He is taking it a step further, beginning to dig into our Github.

The best way to start is by joining the discord and sharing what you are most interested in learning about or contributing to within the DAOhaus ecosystem.

Before Long, Farewell 👋

As always, stay tuned next week for any updates coming from the community, and make sure to give your eyes some rest because next week you’re in for a ride!

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That’s it. Another week inside the Haus!

Haus Out ✌️🏰

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