⚒️ Time to Level Up

DAOhaus Newsletter, June 13th, Raid Guild S1 ⚔️ & $CHILI 🌶 in the HAUS, 🔥 developments in the HAUS 🏰 , and a look at what is going on beneath the surface 🤐

Crab markets may be here, but the HAUS is busy as usual!

📰 What’s new inside the HAUS?

The DAOhaus team is experimenting with a new coordination tool that emerged from the Yearn ecosystem called Coordinape.

We seeded it with some HAUS, and DAOhaus contributors used Coordinape to distribute it to each other. Contributors already get paid in DAI, so Coordinape adds an additional incentive for contributors to reward one another based off their perceived inter-subjective value graph.

A fantastic way to reward the little things, and it also charts value flows between contributors 👇.

Learn more about 👉 Coordinape

👐 OpenHaus

Wanna ask the team questions, or just hang out? OpenHaus is similar to office hours, and they’re being held every Wednesday at 2pm EDT. So feel free to come bug us or just hang out in the Haus Party 24/7 voice channel.

This week, we casually listened to tunes, talked DAOs, and played around with the design of our upcoming HAUS genesis swag drop with MetaFactory.

🎊 HausParty

What’s up with the HausParty? Check out our VODs, in case you missed it.

In case you need a reminder, it’s every Thursday at 2pm EDT in our Discord.

Week of May 31st
S2 E6: Season 1 Cohort from Raid Guild

Episode Notes

Week of June 7th
S2 E7: MetaCartel & $CHILI with Aaron Soskin.

Episode Notes

💃 Discord Reboot

With the HAUS community growing rapidly, we’re taking the opportunity to reboot our discord to facilitate emergent community engagement.

Lots of fun stuff coming - more gamification and HAUS tips via Collab.land for those adding value, so stay tuned!


NFTs are still on 🔥 and DAOhaus is working daily to make sure your community can utilize them within the DAOhaus interface.

We’re working with Rarible on a new NFT Boost, so that DAOs can easily collect and sell NFTs collectively, pretty sweet right 💥 ?

Here is a look at what the interface may come to look like for an NFT manager inside your DAO👇.

It’s also worth mentioning, there is a Nifty.ink Boost in the pipeline that we’ll be dropping some alfalfa leeks to you about in the coming weeks.


Token Launcher/Management Boost are being drafted now, and about to be handed off to the builders!

Mint a token will help DAOs to parameterize and issue their own cryptocurrencies without any code necessary. We expect this to help DAOs to increase engagement and align with their respective communities.

  • Summon a new token or bring your own

  • Variety of common distribution methods

We’re still collecting feedback from community 👉 here, please don’t hesitate to share any input that you may have!

🗝 Gnosis Safe <3 DAOhaus

This addition to the comprehensive list of DAOhaus Boosts allows DAOs to be opened from within as a Safe app, making it easier for multisigs to claim funds from a DAO, or otherwise act as a member of a DAO (voting, proposing, etc). So get ready, because there will be no more fumbling around with direct contract interactions 🤯 !

📢 Want to join us?

The HAUS always has more room for party people, so if you’re a developer, designer, content creator, or a patron that wants to get involved, reach out to us in our discord and we’ll get you activated.

So many Boosts, yet so little time!

🦺 Stay safe out there!

That wraps it up for this week. While the market may be sideways, we’re building the HAUS up, one floor at a time.

If you haven’t already, toss us a sub 👇

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