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DAOhaus Newsletter, April 16th, Get your ducks in a row 🦆🐤🐥🐣, boosts are coming to DAOhaus as soon as next week

Fresh out of the oven, it’s not your grandmothers pop-overs, no this is much bigger.

Building components that work together is a key part to what makes the Ethereum ecosystem flourish, and DeFi has had programmable composability for a long time, it is one of the reasons it has exploded in popularity. This is is why we’re introducing it to DAOs.

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🚀 Introducing Boost Foundry

Recently launched UberHaus is actively working to create Boosts for your DAO! Boosts are modules you can mix and match, adding them onto your DAO from DAOhaus. We’ve been long awaiting boosts in the DAO ecosystem, and we are thrilled to announce they will be coming your way very soon.

Boosts act as a way for your DAO to gain increased functionality and modular-ability for coordinating your internet community. Some things that Boosts will enable your community to do are:

  1. permission access to content

  2. easily signal voting

  3. stream payments to members

  4. interact with DeFi through your DAO

  5. engage in complex contract interactions through minion and gnosis

  6. store, manage, and view NFTs in your DAO bank

If you find through learning more about boosts in this article that you have your own ideas for building DAO add-ons, please let us know in the DAOhaus discord!

Enough dancing around the Alpha 🦙, let’s get down and into the nitty-gritty of what is currently being developed.

⊹ Mintgate

Launching next week 🎉

One of the most highly anticipated boosts we’re excited to announce is Mintgate.

Mintgate is a Boost which allows you to create and lock content behind DAO membership. Think Patreon, but web3.

Content creators, product curators, and communities will be able to permission access to content, products, and intellectual property of the DAO.

If you think this is cool, consider blending the boosts down below with this one 👇

📸 Snapshot

Launching next week 🎉

Snapshot is a popular gasless signal voting solution. This Boost allows you to view Snapshot votes and proposals directly inside your DAO!

Snapshot can be added by any DAOhaus DAO, and it is especially useful for obtaining a signal from members of your DAO on time sensitive proposals.

💦 SuperFluid

Launching next week 🎉

SuperFluid is a protocol which enables streamable payments. This is an excellent way to manage payroll for DAOs.

Seen in action, this nifty tool can eliminate the burden of continuously having to make proposals to your DAO to get paid.

Instead simply add the SuperFluid boost through making a SuperFluid Minion proposal to the DAO, sign a few transactions, and your off - payments are streaming 🌊 before you know it!

SuperFluid is recommended to be used for any DAO that wants to get their members paid on a consistent basis, we’re not talking salary, we’re talking SuperFluid.

Want to get a look of SuperFluid in the wild 👇

🦩Pool Parties

Automatically pool your DAO bank in DeFi and earn interest.

  • AAVE/AGAVE integrations for dao treasury

  • Aave Credit Delegation (special ext. of above)

  • Uniswap/QuickSwap/HoneySwap for token swaps and adding LPs

These integrations will allow DAOs to engage in DeFi in a deterministic and predictable fashion. Who said DAOs weren’t the next killer DApp.

🔒 Gnosis Safe Minion

A DAO can add a Gnosis Safe to be managed by the DAO, enabling arbitrarily complex contract interactions to take place.

More on this soon.. ⏰

check out the proposal here

🏦 NFT Bank/Wallet

A DAO can own, manage and display NFTs, like a digital art gallery! DAOs are an important part of curation in the creator economy, and enable fractional ownership.

For Collector DAOs adding this boost, you will be able to easily integrate NFTs into your DAO bank, adding a little spice 🌶 to the currently available features in your DAO.

If you’re going for a Flamingo or FWB, this boost will get you where you want to be.

🏭 NFT Factory

A DAO can host and manage their own NFT store (minting, distributing and selling NFTs).

Think OpenSea, but fully integrated into your DAO; this will allow various types of Creator DAOs to interact with NFTs in a way that wasn’t previously possible before the advent of Boosts!

🏭 Community Token Factory

Many times a DAO has a token that it uses to engage the greater community, do signal voting, and airdrops.

More on this soon.. ⏰

🚀 Boost store

The longer term vision of DAOhaus is to be able to facilitate collaboration between developers and teams, so communities can create and offer boosts through a boost store.

A short list 👆 but we assure you there is more to come!

As always, stay tuned next week for any updates coming from the community, and make sure to give your eyes some rest because next week you’re in for a ride!

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That’s it. Another week inside the Haus!

Haus Out ✌️🏰

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