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DAOhaus Newsletter, Sept 14th, Season 3 Haus Party kicks off with DAOist Events 📆, Future of Work with Opolis 🔮, Taking DAO Legos a step further, and plenty more in the HAUS.

Here at DAOhaus, we are committed to building for and with the community.

We are here to push the envelope and raise the bar for human coordination, where we believe DAOs are the Holy Grail and the most powerful instrument to date unlocking the next tier of human coordination.

That's why we are thrilled to announce Alpha that should help your community to take group coordination to the next level ⏫.

🎉 Events

🏯 UberHaus

📌 Action Items

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MCON is Finally Here👇

With a number of exciting side events taking place like the one below…

You can find all of the events by visiting the bottom of the details page on the website

HAUS Party Returns w/ a Bang 💥 - Season 3 Premier & Opolis

Two weeks ago, party people of the Haus convened for the first episode of Season 3 in Felipe’s lovely garden ⛲️.

The conversation revolved around Club-Mate, the DAOist, MCON, and various developments happening underneath the roof of the HAUS.

You can listen into the Season Premier here

Opolis talks Employment Commons w/ Special Guest ✨ John Paller

Last week, we were spoiled with the Founder of Opolis, John Paller who shared what it means to be building for the future of employment and the self sovereign individual.

Opolis is an employment cooperative offering employment benefits and shared services to contractors, freelancers, and the self-employed.

The mission, put the controls of employment in the hands of contributors without taking away their independence or adding operationally expensive infrastructure for organizing.

If you are interested in joining the employment commons and you have questions on how to get started, feel free to message me @bau#4021 on discord and I would be happy to take you through some of my experience and how to get setup!

Also check out this article to see how DAOhaus contributors are living and breathing DAO, keeping it together through co-ownership and a cooperative mindset.

Zodiac is here to Help Moloch DAOs to Manage Gnosis Safe’s 🌌

The new Zodiac-compatible Minion Safe is fresh out the box and ready to be tooled with. Now Moloch DAO governance and Gnosis Safe transactions can happen betwixt each other, providing a breadth of options for DAOs to level up or migrate to alternative systems.

You can read the details of the latest integration in the post below 👇

Haus Party
🌌 DAOHaus Adopts Zodiac to Enable Moloch DAOs to Manage Gnosis Safes
We are excited to announce the new Zodiac-compatible Minion Safe. This tool acts as a translation layer between Moloch DAO governance, and Gnosis Safe transactions, enabling a wide variety of options for governance, migration paths, and treasury management…
Read more

This integration will allow any community currently operating a gnosis-safe to quickly upgrade to a Moloch, removing the risk of loss of funds when manually upgrading and making the organization as a whole more flexible!

We expect emergent interactions to inspire additional development in the direction of making DAO2DAO engagements more seamless and help communities to level up their group coordination.

Boosts Marketplace & Proposal Playlists 🚀

This week, we also launched upgrades to the Boosts Marketplace, improving how DAOs discover, install and use these upgrades within their Proposals. This lays the foundation for building Boost Marketplace into the most comprehensive app ecosystem for DAOs to empower all the use cases they can dream up.

To start, the UI refresh of the Boosts Marketplace introduced Categories, Filters and Sorting features to help you better navigate existing Boosts.

Installing Boosts and Minions also got easier, with guided instructions and clearer language to help you add the boosts your DAO needs.

As we continue to get more Boosts online, these will come in handy to help you discover, install and use the community-built Boosts.

Another feature launching this week is the Proposal Playlists - custom folders to help you group relevant proposals together.

Instead of seeing all proposals available to your DAO, you can show a subset of proposals through a Playlist to minimize information overload. Tada! You can now create playlists for specific personas (e.g. new members) or even use cases (e.g. NFTs, DeFi), lowering the friction and paving the way for more DAO participation to come.

You can also customize the Proposal Name and Description to cater the language specifically for your DAO members’ persona. Is “Guild Kick” too hard to understand? Change the Name and Description to suit your audience!

Check out updated documentation for more information on Boosts and Proposal Playlists

Coordination Under the Hood

Leading the way in onboarding new contributors, the Magesmiths (Product team) at DAOhaus has set up a new flow for contributors to help raise or fix bugs more easily. The common challenge for new entrants to the DAO space is understanding what and how you can help out in DAOs.

To solve that, we have decided to give our task management tool (ClickUp) some upgrades.

No Matter Your Skill, Come Join Us! 👇

First, for contributors looking to raise bugs and feature requests, here’s a form that you can fill in. More detailed responses will help us investigate, triage and resolve these requests more effectively.

If you have design or engineering chops and would like to contribute with your time, hop on over to our Contributors’ Kanban Board. We have sorted out easy tasks for you to kickstart your Contributor’s journey.

For designers, look out for tasks with the ‘UX Gate’ status. For engineers, you can start with tasks that have the ‘First Tasks’.

For more information, you can check out our updated README section of the DAOhaus app repository.

As with the emergent nature of all things DAO, this is our continuous experiment in lowering the barriers to entry for future DAOists. We invite you to join us, so do try raising some issues, fixing some bugs or letting us know how we can improve the process.

Take a gander at the different tracks that can lead you to becoming the kick ass DAOist you have always wanted to be in your heart ❤️👇

Scholar 👩🏻‍🎓
  • Come learn more about DAOhaus or how DAOs are being used to facilitate coordination between various organizations! Pay #haus-roles a visit and add Scholar if you wish to begin your dive down the rabbithole.

Supporter 💎
  • After adding the supporter role in #haus-roles, start your journey by typing join in #proof-of-support. You now have access to different levels and channels based on your HAUS holdings.

Contributor ⚒️
  • Join the discord and don’t be afraid to dig in where you see value can be added. Take initiative, and ask for forgiveness later! Check out the 📌Action Items posted at the top!

  • If you have already summoned a DAO or are interested, add the summoner role in #haus-roles and jump into the discord under the Summoner Track, see the getting-started channel!

As always, stay tuned for any updates coming from the community, and we will see you all at MCON 🌶🍻

Reminder: sign up. It let’s us know you care 🥺

That’s it. Another week inside the Haus!

Haus Out ✌️🏰

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