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DAOhaus Newsletter, August 16th, Manu brings alfalfa 🌱 with DoinGud 👍 & Season 2 Highlights in Felipe's Garden⛲️, Rariable NFT Marketplace 🤐, DAO Legos to Level Up 🙌, and more in the HAUS.

This week in the Haus, we’re talking enhancements.

Momentum is picking up inside the DAOhaus ecosystem. Last Monday, August 9th, marked the official launch of PoolHAUS, the first DAO sanctioned liquidity provision experiment for HAUS supporters to earn rewards for their participation.

We’ve released some new updates that change the way we view the Vault/Bank UI, improving visibility for users. In addition, a series of boosts are awaiting release, soon you will be able to administer your own CCO, Mint NFTs, Launch a Token, and Manage a Gnosis safe.

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HAUS Party Season 2 Ep 15 & Season Finally 🎉

Tying together what has been a phenomenal yet trying Season for people of the Haus, we owe our deepest gratitude to all of those who made the party possible, @Felipe - @Vanilla - @Dekan -@Ven - @Jonathan, and above all community members and guests of the Haus!

Details on Season 3 are forthcoming, for now we ask you to reflect thoughtfully and critically about Season 2 and the topics that were discussed, if you wish to share some input on how to organize Season 3, jump into our discord!

DoinGud Feels Better than Good with Manu.

DoinGud is:

A next-gen NFT platform working on empowering creators, curators, brands & organizations to engage with their audience, tap into sustainable compensation streams, generate value for their audiences, and create meaningful impact. All this, with the power of automated collection payments.

In this episode, Felipe and Manu spar in a healthy discourse about what DoinGud is, where it is in its project lifecycle, and how it will accomplish it’s ambitious goals to become a platform for creators and their communities to share in economically beneficial relationships using web3 technology.

👉 Haus Party Notes

Season 2 Finally 🎉

Haus Party's second season wrapped up last week in an episode that divulged into a reflective tour through the Season's themes.

We identified themes and pulled some quotes from our show notes to kickstart conversations. (Keep an eye on the DAOhaus YouTube channel for the Season 2 closing episode! )

We planted several seeds in Season 2, and we look forward to watching these seeds grow and blossom into Season 3 and beyond!

WarCamp Reboot Stirring Change

Over the past few weeks, we have been working at a full-reboot of the core contributor DAO, WarCamp. We are commencing this reboot in light of the recent changes to our discord and to reflect our continued commitment to further decentralizing DAOhaus.

In line with the WarCamp reboot and following our most recent Coordinape epoch for the month of July, we have decided to recognize non-members who are contributing time and effort to earn HAUS through coordinape and tribute to WC for membership shares (if you so desire 🗡).

Here is a breakdown of the Coordinape distribution and subsequent share request model.

Each contributor who receives a minimum of 10 GIVE, can make a request for Shares in Warcamp DAO.

Make a request for more shares

  • Title: {Name} Share ProgressionY {MTH YR ex. ‘Jul 21’}

  • Description: whatever

  • Link: Coordinape Epoch Results

  • Shares Requested: Max 10% of GIVE/HAUS received

  • Tribute: 0.1 HAUS for each share requested

We’re excited, as this new flow opens DAOhaus to attract and sustain the needs of new and veteran contributors.

We will be refining this flow as we go forward so any comments or suggestions that you may have, please feel free to reach out to us in the discord!

PoolHAUS is Swimming with LPs

Last Monday, August 9th, PoolHAUS launched 🚀 setting in motion an exciting experiment in HAUS token liquidity and LP coordination through a DAO.

One week later and PoolHAUS stands flush with 50 members and ~$500k to put to work. PoolHAUS will move forward in purchasing HAUS off the market…

But before that, it must get all of the funds moved from the treasury to the DAO controlled vault, then market buy orders will commence in accordance with DAO proposals.

The DAO plans to purchase a total of 46.5 WETH worth of HAUS off the market, in five tranches and as is voted on by the DAO. We’ll have updates here as they surface in the weeks ahead 🏄‍♀️🌊.

Eventually, PoolHAUS may want to join UberHaus to participate and represent HAUS token LPs, weaving a powerful and unified voice into HAUS token stewardship and possibly helping to align UberHaus in the mission of HAUS token holders.

🎨 InkyDAO

Last we met, the NiftyMinion Vault was unveiled. The new boost enables members to buy, sell, and hold NFTs within the DAO

Inky Club was created for the sole purpose of collecting NiftyInks.

Since the inception of Inky Club several fervent community members have created an array of NiftyInks that have been purchased by InkyClub.

👉 Check out the collection

We are just getting started with our journey into supporting NFTs, so we encourage you to push DAOhaus to the limits and try to break things as much as possible 😅!

You can add the NiftyMinion Vault to your DAO by clicking the apps icon and navigating to the bottom of the Boosts page.

Listen-in to the BlockHash Podcast

A Hesh podcast 👀, not HAUS party 🎉 - @spengraph made an appearance on the BlockHash pod, where he demonstrates a clear vision for the DAOhaus ecosystem…

A vibrant decentralized future where individuals can be their best selves, “living shared values and accomplishing shared goals together,” where DAOs advocate for their contributors and provide the support they to be successful humans.

While community-centric, permissioned DAOs will likely be the most relevant for communities to deploy in the near term, Spencer speaks to the future of DAOhaus to enable the creation of protocol DAOs, or governance minimized organizations.

We are still a ways out, but this podcast effectuates a guide, or provides a clear lens through which we can see or try to visualize the future of decentralized organizations.

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  • If you have already summoned a DAO or are interested, add the summoner role in #haus-roles and jump into the discord under the Summoner Track, see the getting-started channel!

As always, stay tuned for any updates coming from the community, and make sure to give your eyes some rest because next week you’re in for a ride!

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