Time for a Boost: 🎉 Announcing MintGate for your Moloch DAO

Provisioning and gating access to content for share holders right in the DAOhaus interface

Fresh outta the Gate, the MintGate x DAOhaus collaboration presents a groundswell of opportunity for creator and curator DAOs.

MintGate is a boost that DAOhaus integrated enabling DAOs on the platform to simply plug it in and start permissioning access to DAO created content.

Token Gated access is the main feature of MintGate, adding the possibility to token gate any link from the web with Moloch shares. Simply select Moloch as the token type, and you’re ready to go.

Creators can build content networks, selling access to that content using NFTs and sharing the income with members of the DAO.

Drastically changing the landscape for what DAOs can do to limit, provision, and co-manage access to content, MintGate will prove to be a novel tool for DAOs of all types.

Setting Up ⊹MintGate⊹ for your DAO

To begin, you’re going to want to go to the explore page on DAOhaus. Once you’ve arrived, navigate to your DAO either by scrolling the page or clicking on the “Change DAO” tooltip on the left sidebar, selecting the DAO you would like to navigate to.

Next, you’re going to want to click the “Boosts” tooltip on the left sidebar.

Now you should see a list of all of the different boosts that you can add to your DAO. Simply navigate to the MintGate boost and click “Add This App”.

You’ll see a nifty pop up asking you to confirm that you would like to add MintGate to your DAO, and by clicking “Lets Do It!” you’ll be taken to your Metamask to sign a zero fee transaction.

Once that is complete, you're back at the DAOhaus interface, and you’ll see that MintGate has been unlocked, click “Its gating time!”

From here you’re going to want to move your cursor to the top of the page and select “New Gate +”, this will redirect you to MintGate.

Here, click “Connect Twitter” and where you’ll be taken to authorize that MintGate can connect to your twitter.

After you select to authorize MintGate access to your twitter, you’ll be taken to the page below 👇

Now for the fun part, take any link whether to a shared google doc, hackmd, or figma file and paste it in the search bar and subsequently click the “Next” button.

After clicking “Next”, you’ll see that the Token Details auto-populate. In this case, the token selected is “Moloch-V2 Shares”, but you can select from a variety of options including: ERC-20s, ERC-721s, ERC-1155s, as well as xDAI balance and MintGate NFTs. The variety of options allows you to choose what best suits your purpose for gating access to content behind a token.

Next, you’re going to want to select the token and the minimum amount which is required to access the content your gating. When selecting the token, you’ll be able to navigate between Ethereum testnets and sidechains, leaving it up to you to decide what network you’ll be using.

The token name/address displayed in the final blank is the address to your DAO contract. The criteria above effectively allows MintGate to determine what DAO should be displaying links to the content as well as who should be allowed to access that content.

Lastly, there is a nifty feature that allows you to add a token. For example, if you wanted to also permission access to those who aren’t a part of your DAO but have MintGate NFTs, you could select to the token you want to add as well as the minimum amount that must be held for any user to access that content, pretty sweet right?

Go ahead and “Create Unlockable Link”. And just like that, you’re ready to rock! You have created a link that can only be accessed by those with shares in your Moloch DAO or users with tokens that meet the specific criteria that you input above.

You can copy and paste this link anywhere on the internet, but remember only those with Shares to your DAO will be able to access the content.

From here, you can go back to your DAO’s home page, navigate to the “Boosts” tooltip and again select MintGate from the Boosts page.

To access your boosts, you will have to sign another transaction after which you will be taken to a page, like the one above, with your link to whatever content you’ve added!

You dun did it, Steve Buscemi never seizes to impress and you can be sure he’s cackling at having his content gated from the worlds heavy gaze.

If you want to learn more about MintGate, we suggest you to check out there docs here.

Otherwise, if you are having any trouble with setting up your MintGate or you notice there is something that could use fixing, drop into the DAOhaus discord!

As always, stay tuned next week for any updates coming from the Haus!

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Good Luck and Happy ⊹Gating!

~Haus Out ✌️🏰

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