UberHaus Is Alive 🧟‍♂️

If you’re seeing this it means we’ve done it: We launched the first DAO of DAOs and dished out 15% of the total HAUS supply to the DAOs that make up the DAOhaus ecosystem! 🎉

UberHaus DAO will be the new governing body for the DAOhaus platform, so that it becomes a platform for DAOs, by DAOs. UberHaus is made up of a collective of DAOs working together to build more tooling, strengthen community and further the adoption of decentralized and digital coordination. Time to slay Moloch together! ⚔️

So why does liquidity get all the rewards? Say “👋” to Governance mining

Over the past year in the DeFi and NFT spaces — in fact in Ethereum as a whole — providing liquidity has been hugely incentivized, while governance received comparatively little funding. As important as passive liquidity provision is for a protocol to work as intended, it’s the governance of said protocols that provides the main piece of the puzzle. While it is the quality of governance that ensures long term success and sustainability, it tends to be largely pushed forward by the community for little or no economic benefit.

This disparity makes little sense to us.

We aim to push forward a new wave of governance incentivisation.

One which rewards the people writing, discussing, and submitting proposals.

One in which building new features and growing the communities that breathe life into these projects.

These are the unsung heroes who’ve made the decentralized world what it is today — and those are the outcomes we should credit and incentivize (socially, economically or otherwise).

UberHaus Governance ⚖️

UberHaus is a DAO-of-DAOs — The members of UberHaus are all DAOs themselves and in the best position to make decisions about what DAOs need to be successful. These DAOs are united and cross-incentivized by holding shares in UberHaus that correspond 1:1 to a HAUS token allocation.

This was calculated according to activity metrics such as proposal throughput, number of members, funds raised, funds spent and others. In total, 77 DAOs in the Moloch ecosystem received some form of HAUS allocation — which you can check here.

1 share = 1 HAUS

Governance Mining at work

DAOs stake their HAUS to get voting shares for UberHaus governance. DAOs that vote, propose, analyze proposals, and show up for monthly meetings get more HAUS. Simple right? 😄 Show up to the UberHaus and expect to leave someday with more HAUS. We think it’s a pretty good deal.

DAO shares that remain staked in UberHaus will receive 4x rewards during the farming period of one year. Besides being a pretty good incentive to stick around, it’s also a clear commitment to the belief that the DAOhaus ecosystem can’t run without a community — and a decentralized community can’t run without governance.

HAUS Mining Rules:

Rewards will be distributed based on the percentage of the HAUS your DAO has staked in UberHaus.

The rewards will ramp up over time:

  • 1,000 HAUS for the first three month period

  • 2,000 HAUS for the second three month period

  • 3,000 HAUS for the third three month period

  • 4,000 HAUS for yet another three month period

All 10,000 HAUS will be distributed over the next 12 months. The rewards will be distributed every three months according to the formula above for DAOs that meet the eligibility requirements below.

For your DAO to be eligible to receive your rewards the DAO must:

  1. Send a delegate to the UberHaus monthly discussions, your delegate can’t miss more than 1/3 of discussions.

  2. Vote on at least 50% of the sponsored proposals to UberHaus.

  3. Finally, if your DAO ragequits more than 50% of its HAUS during the 12 months, your next set of rewards will be slashed by whatever percentage you ragequit.

We get that some DAOs might need to use a portion of their HAUS to fund activities, but the main goal is that DAOs use this allocation to participate in UberHaus governance.

Introducing the UberHaus Delegate role and why we need it

We have asked each DAO to appoint a delegate for participation in UberHaus — effectively forming a Senate of DAOs. Each individual DAO is responsible for electing and managing their own delegate, while each individual delegate is responsible for relaying information and decision making back to their DAO.

This will hopefully help us ensure that governance can move at a reasonable pace and minimize coordination struggles. Governing one DAO can be enough headache — so imagine a DAO of DAOs? Each DAO is free to build policy around appointing and rotating delegates — and if something goes wrong, we know who to hold accountable.

Delegates represent the views of their respective DAOs and will be eligible to receive rewards in exchange for providing this service, both to their own community and to the broader DAOhaus ecosystem. If nothing else, this reward will help make decentralized governance an eye catching proposition!

You can find the delegate for any UberHaus member DAO by clicking on that member here.

How to become a delegate and engage directly with UberHaus

So you’re a member of one or two Moloch DAOs and would like to be an active participant of UberHaus governance? Check with your community to discuss how you would like to appoint a legitimate delegate to represent the DAO. Here’s all the information on how to get a delegate into UberHaus.

It’s never been this easy to launch a DAO! Remember that beyond Ethereum mainnet, DAOhaus also works on xDAI, Polygon, and IDChain seamlessly. Start rounding up your squad and coordinate around a common goal. If you need any help getting started, check with us in our Discord.

If you’re a part of a DAO that isn’t already represented in UberHaus, your DAO can join UberHaus by staking 500 HAUS. That’s a lot of HAUS. But it will give you an active voice in controlling 60% of all HAUS that still sits in the treasury.

We want to make sure all of the members have a lot at stake — literally. Don’t worry though, if you’re “the little DAO that could” 🚂 — one of the first items on the agenda for UberHaus is creating a HAUS grant / loan program so that small but mighty DAOs can join the party!

What’s to come…

The goal is to make this HAUS a home. The first meeting of UberHaus Delegates will be in a week or so from the posting of this article — jump into the DAOhaus Discord and navigate to the UberHaus channel (instructions below).

If you’re a member of a DAO who received HAUS in the DAO airdrop, it is in your best interest to check in with your delegate and make sure they’re up to speed with this article and aware of their responsibilities towards the DAO.

Now it’s time to show up — get your delegate to join the #delegates channel in the DAOhaus Discord using the CollabLand bot (it’ll walk you through it).

If your current delegate has disappeared into the Ether, it’s simple to appoint an official new delegate by going to the Allies page on your DAO and clicking on the “manage button” for UberHaus (reach out to #support if you need help).

HAUS out!

Join the HAUS discord here!