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Adam J. Kerpelman

JD 🚀⚖️ Founder & Legal Engineer at @GetJuris 🎧 Podcast Host at @ZengineeringPod 👾 Rogue at @lex_dao & @raidguild⚔️ Wahoo. 🌔 $AJK2 - thekerp.eth

Spencer Graham

web3 product manager

Sid Powell

Co-Founder and CEO @maplefinance 🥞



Yalor the Sailor

The Buidler DAO for xDAI and the STAKE ecosystem.

Samuel B

I like to write about current events, check out


Organizational Design. Game Design. Crypto. Software dev. Agile Scrum Master. Critical citizen. Systems thinker.

James Waugh

DAOs Eat The World 🔥