🍻 DAOs Are Better with Friends!

DAOHaus Newsletter, Mar 2, in which you can summon a DAO with all your friends, we're talking decentralized collaboration with James Young, and start that alpha leak on the next DAOhaus CCO 🤐

DAOhaus v2 is live but, as promised last week, we’re going to keep the feature breakdowns coming. This week we’ve got the multi-summoner, because summoning DAOs is better with friends. As usual, here’s your reminder to sign up to get this in your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any juicy details. - Kerp

🚀 Feature Feature

Bring your friends with the Multi-Summoner

Way back in grandpa’s day, summoning a new DAO required the summoner to walk uphill both ways, create the DAO as the sole member, and then submit membership proposals for each of the inaugural members of the DAO. Waiting for those first membership proposals to pass would prevent the DAO from doing anything for a while.

Now, in the high-tech future, we have flying cars and Multisummoner! With Multisummoner, you can summon a new DAO with, well, multiple summoners, saving time and transaction fees by avoiding initial membership proposals altogether.

This is great for new DAOs, which can get moving and coordinating towards their objectives immediately. It’s also great for existing DAOs upgrading to a new Moloch version or migrating to a new network.

Shoutout to Meta Gamma Delta and Raid Guild who just recently used multi-summoner to migrate from mainnet Ethereum to Polygon and xDAI, respectively.

To summon a DAO with multiple members, click on the Add Multiple Summoners button in the summoning page, and then enter the address and number of shares for each member on a line. And that’s it!

Pro tip: copying and pasting from a two-column spreadsheet works great.

🎉 Party All the Time

Last week’s Haus Party was another rager! James Young joined us for a killer chat about decentralized collaboration, DAOs, tokens, and why gamers are the best innovators in this space. Check it out 👇

As always, Haus Party Live is open to anyone who wants to join. Watch on YouTube or join the chat on Discord. Check it out this week for a chat with Cooper Turley about Audius, NFTs and social tokens.

🛠 The Changelog

(This is the rundown on Haus Werk we’ve done since the last update.)

  • Building the Uberhaus, brick by brick.

  • Raising the FarmHaus, plank by plank.

  • Second Story CCO setup.

  • WalletConnect improvements.

  • Filter proposals by submitter, sponsorer, applicant/recipient, and processor.

  • View and manage your internal balance in a DAO of which you aren’t a member.

Want to test these new features and give us feedback? Join the Foundations Program to do some feedback farming. 🚜

✍️ Oh Oh It’s a CCO

A couple weeks ago we dropped some details on the $HAUS token and what it’s for, and last week we kept that ball rolling with a quick explainer on what we’ve been calling a “Community Contribution Opportunity”. It’s a way to raise money for your project, and we’re using it to raise for ours, so of course, we’ve got some details on that at the end.

Check it out! If you dig it, share the tweet 😉 👇

That’s it. Another week inside the Haus! Reminder: sign up. It let’s us know you care 🥺

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