🤔 Where is DAOhaus Going From Here?

We've talked about $HAUS and we've talked about CCOs. Before we tell you how to take part in our Second Story CCO, it just makes sense to talk about where we plan to go from here.

If you haven’t been following along, we’ve got a CCO coming up to build the second story of the Haus, hence the name “Second Story CCO.” (More on CCOs and our Second Story CCO here.) With this being the case, it only seems fair to give you an idea of where we imagine we’ll take the Haus with this next round of funding.

It’s worth noting that we said “imagine” not because we don’t think we can get it done. (Just look at our last 6 months!💥) We say imagine because, as we’ve said before, this Second Story CCO is also about further decentralization. This round of funding will bring in more money, and allow us to grow our core-team of contributors, but it will also add more governance control for the community at large. The following are merely our guiding principles as we move forward and we will submit proposals to match.

Realize the Mission

Above all else, our goal is to continue to pursue the missions laid out in The HausDAO Manifesto, but mostly it boils down to the tenets of another manifesto, Metacartel’s Community First Manifesto. Our goal with DAOhaus has always been to build the best platform in the world for human coordination. One that uses the magic of DAO software to give power back to the community. Power to fund projects, to share ownership of those projects, and make keep those projects sustainable.

With that in mind here are some of the things we propose to work on in the coming year following this CCO.

Future Initiatives:

Moar Boosts

The boost infrastructure is in! Now it’s time to go crazy. Boosts give DAOs superpowers. They’re also one of the ways we are going to make DAOhaus into a sustainable platform. We have already rolled out a number of free Boosts. Soon we will begin rolling out paid Boosts. Much like the way it works in Discord, this system will allow any member of a DAO to boost their DAO. Or the DAO can fund it directly. Either way, the paid ones are going to get fancy. DAO Payroll and Bookkeeping anyone? 😉

Moar $HAUS Liquidity

As of our Second Story CCO, $HAUS will be used for governance. This means the extent to which this governance is decentralized will have a lot to do with $HAUS liquidity. In the coming year, we will be exploring a number of different initiatives to increase liquidity. Farming, mining, you name it.

Moar Minion

Just like the Boosts, the minion infrastructure is in, and just like Boosts Minions give DAOs a particular set of superpowers. Moving forward we plan to continue to develop new and interesting Minion use cases from our own list and brought to us by members of the UberHaus community.

Moar Networks

L1, L2, Main Chain, Sister Chains… we don’t care. Our belief is that you should be able to keep and run your DAO wherever you want. We’ve already rolled out a number of exciting chains beyond mainnet (and its testnets) including Polygon (formerly Matic), xDAI, and IDChain. In the coming months, we will be rolling out even more chains. Want a voice in which chains we focus on? Keep reading.

And Beyond…


  • Empowering DAOs to achieve more. (Increasing the value throughput of DAOs).

  • Growing the number of DAOhaus DAOs.

  • Increasing value flow between/among DAOs.

  • Creating sustainable DAOhaus community governance.

Get $HAUS, Weigh In

If you think all of this sounds cool and you want the power to weigh in, then you’re going to want to get some $HAUS. As explained earlier in this series of posts, the $HAUS token is the key to the future decentralized governance of the DAOhaus platform. Of course, the real power move will be to organize your DAO to get some $HAUS and stake it into UberHausDAO to maximize your governance power.

The next great chance to contribute and earn some $HAUS will be via our Second Story CCO, the details of which will be available shortly, so sign up 👇 to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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