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DAOhaus Newsletter, April 30th, we're talking HausParty with a Special Guest 🤫, a run down on boosts to your DAO 🚀, and the latest happenings across DAOhaus DAOs👩‍💻.

For the past two weeks, there have been roughly 7 DAOs deployed on DAOhaus per day 🙀. What this means is we’re heading toward DAOification of every type of community, what’s more is we can verify this by looking at the diverse wave of DAOs joining up on DAOhaus. We want to extend all the DAOs a warm welcome 🤝, we’re thrilled to have you join us.

Virtual 🐇s - Passive Income - Money Circles - ROSCAs 💸

For starters we would like to give you a direct line to a game changing development - programmable cashflows using Superfluid 💪💦, if you’d like to learn about it from one of our Haus resident experts, pi0neerpat, check out the most recent Haus Party 👀

The pod is laced with tasty morsels for you to sink your teeth into, so don’t wait and jump into the Haus Party - we talk about rDAI, the vision for Superfluid, its associated use cases, and we fully nerd out 🤓 !

Superfluid is a protocol for streaming payments. The app speaks for itself, it is slick, easy to use, and it leverages constant flows so you can have the peace of mind letting Superfluid do the heavy lifting for you. Check out their docs here.

Boost here📍, Boost there 🗾, Boost everywhere 🗺

There is a lot we have been jamming on the past few weeks at DAOhaus, things that will begin to surface throughout the days and weeks ahead.

As a quick recap, there are some awesome boosts you can already add to your DAO that we are extremely excited to be unveiling to the community. To check out a full review on the boosts you can add to your DAO, check this post here.

💪 SuperFluid 💦

Launch coming at anytime now.. ⌛️

SuperFluid is a protocol which facilitates streaming payments. This is a great way to manage payroll for DAOs or for contributors to your project.

Watch this video below to get a taste for the SuperFluid flow👇

⊹ Mintgate

Last week, MintGate was brought into the Haus. MintGate is a nifty tool for creating token or share based access to any document, media, or digital material you wish to permission access to.

We crafted a nice tutorial to walk you through getting MintGate setup within your DAO, you can check it out here.

📸 Snapshot to Boost Governance + Signalling

Snapshot is a popular gasless signal voting solution.

It wants you to add it to your DAO. Simply navigate to Boosts from your DAO dashboard and select “Add this App”, then enter your Snapshot space. That’s it, rapid consensus and swift governance is now at you DAOs finger tips 🤳.

You can now view Snapshot proposals and votes directly from your DAO, ain’t that a kick in the head 🤯 !

There are several other Boosts we’re working vigorously to make available on the DAOhaus interface.

Until then, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled 👀 and brain 🧠 open to using boosts, and think about the possible boosts that could be created in the future 🌃.

A Peak into DAOhaus DAOs:

As we mentioned earlier, there are DAOs spinning up on DAOhaus everyday.

So we’ve decided to highlight a couple DAOs we’re especially excited about getting started on DAOhaus.

🦸🏻‍♀️ Hero DAO

In the words of Hero DAO, the organization is “focused on creating, printing, distributing, selling, merchandising, and reviving comic book super heroes who have fallen into the public domain.”

The DAO has four active “sidekicks” or members who are committed to seeing the revival of comics lost to the throes of time. You might even go so far as to call these sidekicks heroes, but we don’t assign labels here.

Moon Girl hadn’t the faintest thought of her immortality, but as a fighter she committed herself to a life without a husband as she made a promise to herself that should would only marry a man who was a better warrior than herself.

Princess of the Moon learned after this promise that she was the offspring of a long line of women who’d proven undefeated and insurmountable in battle.

The story of one lost comic can be representative of a larger picture of missing role models to a world unfazed by corruption, the power hungry, and villainous creatures.

Hero DAO we hope will be able to utilize DAOhaus to revitalize and share the comics of lost heroes, and this is a DAO we’re most excited about following in the future.

Throw them a twitter 🕊 follow here if you wish to keep tabs.

🐶 Pupper DAO

While Pupper is only about a day old, we are excited to see the young pup join up on DAOhaus.

Pupper aims to be a decentralized, charity, meme-token. Half of its supply will be donated every second of every day for the next 20 years!

Half of the supply at genesis (500T $PUP) was added to a Uniswap liquidity pool, balanced by 5.5 ETH, raised by founding Puppers. Then access to those keys were burned and can no longer be accessed by anyone.

The other half of the supply (500T $PUP) was divided up evenly among four exceptional charities with publicly listed Ethereum addresses.

Rather than donate in one lump sum, Pupper partnered with Sablier.Finance to lock and release payment at a total of (125T $PUP) to the wallets of each charity every second of every day for the next 20 years!

Mission of the Pups

“By creating a community-driven token that supports and is intrinsically linked to charities over the long-term, we can all benefit. As a result of the community’s economic self-interest, evolving brand awareness, and marketing (memes),

these charities stand to receive a higher-grossing and more consistent income stream than if a handful of people donated on their own.”

If you see yourself aligned in this mission and would like to learn more, check out their discord here 🐶.

A Start to Something Great 🤩

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That is all, Another week inside the Haus!

Haus Out ✌️🏰

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