👹 A Minion in Your Sidecar

DAOHaus Newsletter, Mar 9, in which you can use a minion to do your dirty work, we're talking NFTs and creator economies with Coppahtroopa, and the $HAUS leaks continue 🤐

DAOhaus v2 is live but as promised, we’re going to keep the feature breakdowns coming. This week we’re digging in on the fabled Minion, because your DAO should have superpowers. As usual, here’s your reminder to sign up to get this in your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any juicy details. Especially this week, where we’ll be letting you know how to take part in the next CCO! - Kerp

🚀 Feature Feature

A Minion in your sidecar.

Back at the end of last year, we introduced the Vanilla Minion, a general purpose portal between the contained world of your DAO and the wide open universe of Ethereum.

Much like Gnosis Safe Contract Interactions or Aragon Agent, Minions are how Moloch DAOs interact with other smart contracts. For example, with a Minion your DAO can swap tokens on a DEX, mint a new token, or even become a member of another DAO.

Previously, adding a Minion for your DAO has been a pain. Now, DAOhaus has made it dead simple to deploy a Minion for your DAO: just head to the Apps section, click on the “Add This App” button in the Minion tile, give your new assistant a name, and hit “Deploy”!

You can view more info about your Minion in the Settings section. Only active members of a DAO can deploy a new Minion for that DAO.

Once the deployment is done, your DAO will have a brand new Vanilla Minion to do your bidding, er, help you interact with any Ethereum smart contracts and dapps. A new proposal type will be available, where you can configure the transaction to execute via the Minion. If you’ve ever created a contract interaction from a Gnosis Safe, you’ll feel right at home here.

Finally, notice how the first screenshot says you already have a Minion but still allows you to add another? This is because a DAO can have as many Minions as it wants! We have a number of exciting developments in the works for different types of Minions that give your DAO different types of superpowers. Stay tuned ;)

🎉 Party All the Time

Last week’s Haus Party was yet. Another. Partay! Coopahtroopa joined us to talk about NFTs, creator economies and how all this stuff is shaking up the world of content creation and creativity. Check it 👇

As always, Haus Party Live is open to anyone who wants to join. Watch on YouTube or join the chat on Discord. Check it out this week for a chat with Peter Pan to talk about community first development (what else?) and the HAUS launch.

🛠 The Changelog

(This is the rundown on Haus Werk we’ve done since the last update.)

  • Add a custom network to MetaMask right from DAOhaus! (More on this functionality and EIP 3085.)

  • Add a Minion to your Polygon DAO!

  • Putting a roof on the Uberhaus and the FarmHaus.

  • Support for member delegate keys.

Want to test these new features and give us feedback? Join the Foundations Program to do some feedback farming. 🚜

✍️ The Road Less Traveled

Okay, we’ve hit the $HAUS token, what it’s for, CCOs, and the DAOhaus CCO plans. At this point we figured it was only fair to give you some info on where DAOhaus is going from here. If you’re going to jump into a CCO you want to know what we’re going to use the money for, right? Well, we got you fam.

Check it out! If you dig it, share the tweet 😉 👇

💰 How to Get Some $HAUS

Finally! This is the last newsletter before we launch the $HAUS token sale. No details yet, but there’s one sure way to make sure you don’t miss the info when we drop it later this week (Friday.) SIGN UP SUCKAS! 👇

That’s it. Another week inside the Haus!

Haus Out ✌️🏰

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